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These are constructed with the "hook" on one side and the "loop" fibres on the opposite so the band wraps onto itself. The band is simply adjusted to fit the circumference of the puppy’s neck as it grows.

Make it easy to keep track of each puppy or kitten's weight gain as they develop, to check appropriate food consumption at feeding time, and monitor health and behaviors. The different colors can also make puppy/kitten selection and matching to their future owners that much more accurate.

 Whelp ID collars simply wrap around the puppy or kitten's neck to the exact size needed, overlapping the excess to itself.

Whelp ID collars can be easily adjusted as the puppy or kitten grows by peeling  apart and repositioning for a greater diameter, and then reattaching it to itself. It is important to check the puppy or kitten’s neck daily for growth and make necessary adjustments.

If they are not wrapped straight around, they could attach to the puppy or kitten’s fur instead of attaching to itself. This could cause the band to become loose, or could possibly cause irritation to the skin. It is also important to keep the collar free of fluff and fur to extend the life of the collar.

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