Whelping collars F.A.Q's

Can I choose which collar I get?  Yes you can. Just be sure to e mail us your colours from the Colour chart page 

The collars don't look the same colour as displayed on your page; why? We make every effort to take photos of each colour in natural lighting, however due to the fact every monitor screen is calibrated differently, colours may not be exactly as shown. 

Will one size fit my puppies until they go to their new homes?  For a lot of breeds no. Puppies grow very quickly (be sure to check the collars daily)  and will almost always require two sizes of collars to span from birth through go-home age (around 2 months old) - so we offer matching colored bigger collars that are sized to work as the next size up, after newborn sized collars are outgrown. 

Are your puppy whelping collars chew proof?
Unfortunately not. Although paracord is a durable cordage, it is no match for sharp puppy teeth.
If you have puppies who enjoy chewing on each others collars, or a momma who would rather her puppies be naked, we suggest you remove them and use an alternative method of identification.

I just received my collars can I use them right away? We recommend hand washing them in cold water  prior to use due to the possible contamination during shipping. Better safe the sorry. 

Can the collars be reused?  Of course We preshrink all our cord, however to ensure no further shrinkage, Please hand wash in cold water (to prevent colour bleed)between use and lay flat to dry. 

How long does shipping take? We use NZ post around NZ and usually this is 1-2 days north island and about 2- 3 days South island. 
We do post to Australia and this is usually 7 to 10 days.